Hi, I’m John M. Turner. Thanks for stopping by my site. I’m a bargain hunter. I like to search out great deals on stuff we use every day as well as those bigger purchases that need more research.

Our lives get busier and busier everyday with work, family, social commitments, etc so just like you I try to save money and time where I can. Finding those deals to save money can be time consuming and time is precious! That’s why I like to share with you products I’ve found great deals on and save you the time of searching for them.

Like most folks finding time to exercise can be tough. I know I need to keep up with it, but going to the gym is too time consuming and inconvenient. I’ve been looking for a way to workout at home that is fun, doesn’t take up too much space, is effective and that I’ll use! I think I’ve found what I’m looking for and got a great deal too! Hope you agree.

John M. Turner
Author, Ellipticaly