Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike Review

By this time, you have undoubtedly have heard of the benefits of getting fit. But you might have put it on hold because of high costs of a gym membership and hiring a personal trainer. You know that you can workout at home but then again, home gym equipment is quite expensive too. Well, not all of them. The Exerpeutic 400xl costs south of $$$

Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike Review

Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike Review

Using Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike, Space will also not be an issue because it has a very small footprint and even is light enough for you to move around the house. You do not always need a big 200-lb exercise equipment to achieve great results.

Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike has a lot to offer! I have analyzed the features and performance of the bike and going to discuss my findings on this Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike review.

Variable Resistance Levels

The 400xl has 8 magnetic tension controlled levels of resistance that can be adjusted by simply turning the crank. This feature is usually only available to higher-end home gym equipment but is now available on the 400xl. This will then allow you to vary your workout sessions in any way you want.

Being able to get a good level of variation on your workout is very important in keeping your progress going. And with the resistance being provided by a magnetic tension and not a manual strap, it will be a lot more consistent. That is the kind of dependability you need from a reliable home gym equipment.

Simply strong

The 400xl weighs in at less than 40-lbs. but can support a maximum weight of up to 300 lbs. This show how well made it is and how much thought came into designing this equipment. Being made from lightweight and yet durable material allows for this incredible weight to a capacity ratio.

Looking at the 400xl, you might doubt its weight capacity but many reviews in the website like Amazon.com has shown that owners have proven its weight capacity claim. There are a lot of heavier (200+ lbs.) and pricier ($$$+) equipment out there that can barely support 300 lbs. but the 400XL does it perfectly.

Ease of Use

The 400xl is pretty self-explanatory when you first meet it. You do not need an instructional video on how you can use it and how to operate it properly. All you have to do is sit no it and start pedaling your way to a fitter and healthier you.

The 400xl is also very comfortable with a well-cushioned back rest and an equally comfortable and contoured seat. This feature allows you to focus more on your workout instead of finding your “sweet spot” because you will be comfortable from the beginning. It also has large pedals with safety straps to make sure that you don’t have to worry about your footing.

Yes, it also has a computer

The 400xl also comes with an easy to read display that allows you to see your workout data one by one. You can monitor the distance that you have traveled, the calculated calories that you have burned, the time you have spent on the machine, the current speed that you are going and even a pulse / heart rate reading.

All of these information are necessary to, not only track the progress of your current session, but for long-term goals too like for interval trainings. You can see all these information through its relatively large 1.5 x 3.3-inch LCD screen.

Space Friendly

Even if you have a modestly spaced apartment or condo, you will not have a problem with the 400xl. It has a very small foot print to start with, and you can even fold it to half its size. You can also roll it to anywhere in your house for storage because it has two transport wheels and being as light as it is, you should have no problems.

This makes it an ideal equipment for a lot of people in an urban area because you do not have to set aside a lot of real estates for it. It is both comfortable and sensible at the same time.

  • Space saver
  • Affordable
  • Simple and yet strong design
  • Easy to use
  • Short warranty
  • Not ideal for relatively tall people (6’ and above)
  • Some parts apparently start to fail pretty quickly

Final Thoughts

If you are a student or a young professional that does not have a great deal of space and resources, then the 400xl is a great choice for a home gym equipment. It is very user-friendly and has the basic features that you will need to get realistic results.

It does not have the long list of features that other equipment has, but it can produce similar results when used properly. You cannot go wrong with the 400xl with its combination of features; it is definitely a product that is worth buying.


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