Gazelle Freestyle Glider Reviews – Does It Really Work?

The Gazelle Freestyle is designed and developed by former Junior National Bodybuilding champion and certified personal trainer Tony Little. He was in a car accident in 1983, and he developed a number of exercise programs during the time; Gazelle Edge was one of them.

The Gazelle Freestyle is supposed to be the better and improved version of the Gazelle Edge and has relatively pleasurable features and looks really good in paper.

Gazelle Freestyle Glider Reviews

Features of Gazelle Freestyle Glider

Just like the Gazelle Edge, this equipment is not really meant to beat conventional elliptical trainers head to head but what the Freestyle is doing is presenting an alternative exercise equipment for people who have very specific choices in mind. I’m going to discuss how effective the device is on this Gazelle Freestyle Glider reviews.

Stress Free Gliding

The Gazelle Freestyle does not have a lot of the settings that most elliptical trainers have. What it does provide to you as a user, is a great cardiovascular workout and virtually pressure-free gliding that makes sure that your joints do not get any of the punishments common in most exercise equipment, including conventional elliptical trainers. This makes it perfect for people who are just beginning to workout, recovering from some kind of leg injury or the elderly.


Gazelle Freestyle Glider ComputerIt has a small computer unit that provides workout data like the speed that you are currently in, time you have spent in the current session; an estimated count of calories burned, and the distance that you have already traveled. The computer can keep track with all of this information while not taking up too much space in the equipment.

Pulse Monitor

There is a small built-in thumb pulse monitor so that you can still track your heartbeat. This is a surprise knowing how much the Gazelle Freestyle is worth and they were still able to squeeze in this item just shows how much thought came into developing this equipment.


The Freestyle has a slightly thicker 2-inch diameter steel construction, which explains why it can support 300 lbs. compared to the Edge’s 250 lbs. The design and structure of the Freestyle also contribute to the poser of this lightweight equipment.

300 lbs. is about the same weight bracket where most clinically obese people are and the Gazelle Freestyle is the perfect equipment for them because their joints just might not be strong enough to support their weight for long periods of time.

Size and Storage

The Gazelle Freestyle is very space friendly since it can be folded when not in use. You can slip it under the bed and just pull it out when you need it. For those who chose to let it have its own space; it’s perfectly fine because it does not take up much space anyway. It has a relatively small footprint (44″ L x 33.5″ W x 53.5″ H) and that makes it perfect for pretty much anybody.

Safe and Comfortable

The large foot pads allow you to keep your natural foot placement while working out and ensure that you do not slip off anytime. The bars also have some high density foam to allow you to grip them comfortably.

Easy Assembly

The Freestyle comes with a manual to help you put it together. This is not a problem for most of the people who reviewed it since they said that they could put it together within an hour of getting it out of the box. The manual allows even those who are not mechanically inclined to put the Freestyle together properly.

  • Very Affordable Priced only $$$ on Amazon
  • Capable of many exercises
  • Does not put any pressure on the joints
  • Great for cardio
  • Very safe
  • Structurally strong
  • Comes with an instructional video
  • Most reviews from owners mentioned that it is surprisingly loud
  • Takes a bit of getting used to before being able to be used efficiently
  • Computer display is a bit small

Final Thoughts

The Gazelle Freestyle is aimed more at beginners, people recovering from injuries and the elderly. This is because it just does not have enough meat on the bone to stand head to head with elliptical machines like Precor or even ProForm.
With that being said, it does fit its purpose well because high-end elliptical machines might have a lot more feature but the minimal resistance that the Gazelle Freestyle has made it easy on the joints unlike most of its more advanced competitors.



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