ProForm 14.0 RE Elliptical Review

ProForm has been known to produce elliptical trainers targeting home users. They build relatively inexpensive machines using heavy plastic material.

The ProForm 14.0 RE is one of the popular elliptical machines developed by this company. It has a number of features that made it very strong and effective.

ProForm 14.0 RE Elliptical Review

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If you are looking to buy one, I’m going to discuss the features and my personal thoughts on this ProForm 14.0 RE Elliptical review.

22 Preset Workout Programs

Variation is one of the most important things in any workout plan since it ensures that you do not get bored and just stop. The 14.0 RE is sure to make your every session interesting, by giving the opportunity to use a different setting every three weeks and still have no problems. It has 22 present workout programs for your convenience.

Adjustable stride length

The 14.0 RE comes with an adjustable stride length between 20 to 22 inches. This is great because it ensures flexibility and allows you to change your stride length whenever you want. You can then decide which one is perfect for you, and that ensures your comfort. There is nothing worse than spending your hard-earned money and then finding out too late that you will not get the kind of workout you expected.

30 Degrees Incline

The digitally controlled incline allows you to change the settings as easy as pushing a button. This is a great feature because it allows you to change settings easily and without having to keep getting off the machine to change the incline. You can now focus more on the workout and not have to keep stopping this way.

iFit Compatibility

This feature uses Google Maps to simulate the terrain of a number of geographical locations by automatically changing the incline and resistance of the machine. Think about it, you can jog or power-walk in the Grand Canyon without leaving your house.

This however will require an iFit wireless adapter which is sold separately. Nevertheless, a great feature to provide more variation to your workouts.


The 14.0 RE also has a SpaceSaver design which enables you to fold it and store it easily. The two transport wheels should also make it a breeze for you to move it around. This is a great thing since it does not necessarily have to interfere with your daily activities. You can use it for about an hour then you can store it away again.

Creature Comforts

The 14.0 RE has other features like a water bottle holder to allow you to have your water nearby and not have to get off the machine to keep yourself hydrated.

An iPod compatible sound system for you to be able to listen to your favorite tunes while working out.

An EKG monitor on the hand grips so that you can easily monitor your heart through the 5-inch display which shows other important workout data.

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  • Great workout variety
  • Adjustable stride length
  • Relatively heavy flywheel for stability
  • Easy incline controls
  • Digital controlled resistance levels
  • SpaceSaver Design & Transport Wheels
  • Strong warranty


  • Has to be assembled
  • Various reviews mentioned that it got squeaky fast
  • Not the best customer service

Final Thoughts…

For the price of around $$$, it’s an elliptical to go for. It does have a lot of great features that can make anybody smile.

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