ProForm Comfort Stride Elliptical Reviews

The ProForm Comfort Stride  is one of the best elliptical machines ever released by Elliptical machine manufacturing giant. ProForm. With 12 preset workout programs and 12 resistance levels, you can get in your best shape using this machine.

Workout on this elliptical is fun with the iPod-compatible music port, its’ iFit features allows you to do the workout anywhere in the world without even leaving your house!

proform comfort stride elliptical reviews

I’m going to discuss these features in details on this ProForm Comfort Stride Elliptical Reviews for you.

12 Pre-Programmed Workout

One of the major reasons why people stop working out is that they get bored with the monotony of exercise routines. Having a preset 12 workout programs in ProForm Comfort Stride gives you a great range of choices, and it keeps you interesting about your workout.

Long term goals are only achieved through perseverance and that is only inspired by variation. We often get easily burned out when we do the same thing over and over again. The Comfort Stride’s 12 pre-set workout programs is sure to make things interesting.

12 Digitally Controlled Resistance

Being able to control the resistance is one of the benchmark features of an effective elliptical trainer. The ProForm Comfort Stride gives it to you through its Silent Magnetic Resistance system. It allows you to change the levels of resistance according to your preference with a touch of a button.

Exercise enables our body to adjust and adapt to repetitive activities, so being able to increase and decrease the resistance gives you the kind of interval training that is necessary for proper muscle stimulation and calorie burn.

18 Inches Stride Length

The perfect stride length for the majority of people who uses elliptical trainers is 18 inches, and that is exactly what the Comfort Stride has. Having the right length of each stride allows you to properly stretch your legs and target specific muscle groups.

Other than that, the proper stride length allows you to be comfortable enough, that you can go on working out for extended times which then allow you to burn a lot more calories. You need to have that level of comfort when working out, because without that comfort, you can be prone to injury and that is not going to be fun.

iFit Workout Card Technology

This is an 8-week progressive workout plan designed by personal trainer Jillian Michaels, known as America’s toughest trainer, for maximum calorie burn and ultimately weight loss.

It automatically changes many settings of your workout like the speed that you have to be in, the intensity or resistance of the workout and even the incline of your strides. Having this in the Comfort Stride allows you to have a workout that is not only challenging but is definitely productive.

Working by yourself is quite hard on its own so having Jillian Michaels provide you some audible motivation, which can make you push on just a little bit harder, a little bit longer. And that little more effort that you put in could make the difference between a beach ready body and a couch potato physique.

Creature Comforts

The Comfort Stride has the common creature comforts that ProForm equipment are known for like the oversized footpads for safety and comfort, transport wheels for it to be easily moved around the house, a water bottle holder to allow you to keep yourself hydrated throughout the workout, a fan for added ventilation and a blue backlit display to show you all the workout data that you need to monitor your progress.

  • iFit workout card
  • Workout variety
  • Good stride length
  • Technologically sound
  • Seamless and silent resistance setting and transition
  • Complete creature comfort (bottle holder, sound system, etc.)
  • Short warranty
  • Low maximum weight capacity
  • Relatively small screen

Final Thoughts

The ProForm Comfort Stride has a good list of options that makes it a good choice for beginners but it still has a lot to improve especially on the warranty. When it comes to home gym equipment , the devil is in the details. Considering that the Comfort Stride is still worth of $$$!


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