Proform Hybrid Trainer Elliptical and Recumbent Bike Reviews

The Proform Hybrid Trainer is a cross between a recumbent stationary bike and an elliptical trainer. This flexibility makes it ideal for people who like to have their options. This Trainer has a number of great features like 14 preset workouts and 14 digital resistance levels. The fact that it can support up to 350 lbs. is great since people who are actually trying to lose weight is around that weight bracket.

proform hybrid trainer elliptical and recumbent bike reviews

The Proform Hybrid Trainer Review

I’m going to analyze the features and experience on this Proform hybrid trainer elliptical and recumbent bike reviews article.

Target Pacer

Target Pacer will act as your own personal trainer telling you when to speed up and slow down to maximize calorie burn and weight loss. This is very important because it provides the ideal kind of interval training that most people are not really familiar with. Without being told when to speed up and slow down, people tend to spend too much time slowing down and too little speeding up. With the Target Pacer, users will know exactly when to speed up and slow down for them to reach their weight loss goals faster.

14 Digital Resistance Levels

14 Digital Resistance Levels of this training provide the variation that people need to stay motivated and not get bored. Oftentimes, people are actually making progress but they did not continue working out because it became too monotonous and boring. With the Proform Hybrid Trainer, users can adjust the resistance that will make them exert more effort and thus make the workout session more challenging.

Upper-Body Grips

This feature allows users to tone their arms and engage their core providing a whole-body workout which then burns a lot more calories. More calories burned, more weight loss. Users don’t simply shed fat but tone their muscles giving them a healthier look than just thin. Losing weight is after all about getting healthier not just thinner.

14 Preset Workout Programs

It makes the Proform Hybrid Trainer a great machine since it allows users to choose whatever workout program suits their fitness levels. All of these workout programs are designed by certified personal trainers and thus are safe and effective. Each program automatically sets the resistance for the user allowing them to focus more on the workout than changing settings.


Great technological featuresThe LCD display shows clearly many details about the workout session like calories burned; distance traveled, time spent, and the user’s heart rate if they are touching the hand grips where sensors are placed. Other than the display, the fact that it has silent magnetic resistance makes sure that the Proform Hybrid Trainer is as quiet as it can possibly be. The fact that it can be moved easily using its two-front transport wheels is a great plus.

Strong support : The Proform Hybrid Trainer can support up to 350 lbs. which makes it a lot stronger than a lot of the other elliptical machines in its weight class and price range. Although it is true that there are more best elliptical machines with a lot more features, but the fact that they cannot support the weight any higher than 250 lbs makes the Proform Hybrid Trainer look like a better choice.

Very affordable : The Proform Hybrid Trainer is priced at $$$ in, which makes it low-cost considering that it is actually two machines meshed into one. This makes it a great deal for people who wants to get in shape but does not want to burn a hole in their pocket.


No incline : The Proform Hybrid Trainer does not have any incline setting, which is a serious drawback for a lot of people. Having an incline adds more challenge and can recruit more muscles, which then burn more calories. Not having the incline is what makes this machine a mid-level instead of a great one.

Missing Console Features :  Although the Proform Hybrid Trainer has many useful features, it seems to be missing a few things that come standard on other elliptical trainers like a built-in audio port and / or speakers. This is a big deal for some who likes listening to their favorite tunes while working out. The Hybrid Trainer also is missing any rack where a book or a tablet can be placed. Entertainment-wise, the Hybrid Trainer does not that have much to offer.

Relatively Weak Warranty : In a world where a lifetime warranty for frame is common, the Hybrid Trainer’s 5 years seems too short as well as its 90 days for parts and labor. Warranty is what most elliptical trainers use to put the customers’ mind at ease and unfortunately, the Hybrid Trainer falls short of that.

Final Thoughts

It’s a solid elliptical trainer that delivers value with a price tag that will not hurt the pocket. It has some very impressive features and a few opportunities for improvement. All in all, it is a great product for its price.


4 / 5 stars     

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