Schwinn 470 Elliptical Review – Does It Worth The Price?

Whenever you heard about elliptical machines with motorized strides and 25 resistance levels, you might fear a big price tag. However, Schwinn managed to pack the amazing features with a reasonable cost to their new elliptical trainer, Schwinn 470.

Schwinn 470 Elliptical Review

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I have analyzed the features in depth and its’ effectiveness to write this Schwinn 470 Elliptical Review, let’s get into it.

29 Pre-Set Workout Programs

The Schwinn 470 includes a great list of pre-programmed workouts designed by certified personal trainers to ensure effectiveness and safety. The list includes 1 quick start, 1 recovery test, 2 fitness tests (Beginner and Advanced), 4 user customizable programs, 9 heart rate control (4 Beginner; 4 Advanced; 1 Custom) and 12 profile specific programs.

With an impressive list like this, you are sure to have enough variety to last you for a very long time.

25 Resistance Levels

The 470 has 25 eddy current resistance levels that you can either control by pressing the resistance “^” or “v” buttons to find what level suits you or choose from the 5 pre-set resistance levels (1, 5, 10, 18 and 25) on the left-hand side of the console. Being able to control the resistance levels, you can customize your workout as you see.

Incline Settings

The incline settings of the Schwinn 470 can be controlled on the right-hand side of the console either by pressing the “^” or “v” buttons, which give you 6 positions or choosing from 0%, 20%, 40%, 70% and 100%.

The 100% is 10 degrees so it is safe to assume that each 10% is equivalent to 1 degree incline. Being able to automatically adjust the incline you can target different muscle group. You can also tweak your workouts accordingly using this feature.

20″ Stride Length

20 inches for a stride length gives you a better stretch on your exercise thus allowing you to have a better workout. A more challenging workout is what you should always be looking for if you want a sustained and healthy progress in not just your physique but also your strength levels.

20 inches stride length is perfect for people with 5’7” in height and higher. Many reviews of the Schwinn 470 mentioned that the stride length is actually perfect for taller people than the size mentioned.

Schwinn DualTrack™

This 470 feature allows you to monitor up to 13 workout data simultaneously through its two LCD display screens. You can monitor the time you have spent on the machine, RPM you are currently in, the distance you have traveled, your pulse rate reading if you are holding on the two stationary handle bars, the speed that you are going, an approximation on the calories burned, current resistance level, course profile used, Heart Rate Zone indicator, the percent of the session you have completed, Intensity meter, User profile indicator and goal achievement.

Schwinn Connect™

It allows you to keep track of your long term fitness goals by exporting data like time, distance, and calories burned. You can even compete with your pals through a free account. Fitness is not a short term engagement after all. It is supposed to keep on going and going.

Maximum User Weight

The Schwinn 470 has a 300-lb capacity which is perfect for most people, since people who want to actually lose weight are about that same weight or less. Knowing that the Schwinn 470 elliptical machine can support your weight should give you that peace of mind. It will not buckle down after some rigorous workout.

Creature Comforts

The Schwinn 470 has other features that have come to be standards for Schwinn elliptical trainers such a large water bottle holder, large articulating footplates with cushioning for safety and comfort, speakers for great quality music, 3-speed fan, and 2 transport wheels to allow you to move it around easily when needed.

Very Affordable Comparing To Features

Schwinn is part of Nautilus Health and Fitness, which means that you get the same quality of product as any Nautilus gym equipment. The Schwinn 470 is one of the best examples why the Schwinn line of elliptical trainers is so well-known. It has an incredibly rich list of features that you would be forgiven for assuming that it would cost upwards of $$$.

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  • Really competitive price
  • Compact size and space friendly
  • Very good variety of workouts


  • Weak warranty
  • Fixed stride length

Final Thoughts

The Schwinn 470 is definitely a great buy for people who are starting to serious workout. This machine has a 10-year warranty on frame, 2 years for mechanical issues, 1 year for electrical and 90 days for labor.

It has an incredible list of features in a price range that is not going to burn a hole in your pocket.

All in all, the Schwinn 470 is a really great choice over most of the elliptical machines in its weight class.

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