Stamina InMotion Elliptical Reviews

The Stamina In-Motion is a low-cost no-fuss elliptical trainer that can surprisingly provide a great cardiovascular and lower-body workout. It weighs 24 lbs. and can easily be pulled out and used practically anywhere. It’s a basic elliptical trainer for people wants to start working out without investing much.

stamina inmotion elliptical trainer reviews

I’m going to discuss the features of this machine on this Stamina InMotion elliptical reviews.


The In-Motion doesn’t have any upper-body workout, but it’s very strong steel construction and oversized, non-slip foot pads is capable of supporting loads ten times its own weight.

All you need are a couple of dumbbells and some imagination, and you should be able to do some upper-body workout.
The over-sized foot pads have a non-slip design ensuring that your feet stay on them the whole time you are working out. People with vertigo might have problems with the In-Motion though. The strength of the In-Motion is a great advantage for such a small equipment.

Adjustable Resistance Levels

The In-Motion does offer resistance for more variety and challenge for your workouts. For obvious reasons, it cannot be automatically controlled but a knob allows you to tighten or loosen the resistance according to your preference prior working out.

This feature might be a bit “primitive” for some but considering that you are dealing with a relatively smaller device; it should be understandable. Having an adequate resistance system allows you to make tweak your workouts to keep up with your body’s increasing resistance to your workout load.

Electronic Fitness Monitor

The In-Motion actually has a fitness monitor that displays workout data such as the number of strides that you do in a minute, the total number of strides you have done in the whole workout and an approximate calculation of the calories that you have burned throughout the workout session. Being able to keep track of this information makes it possible for you to stay on goal for your long term fitness target. The monitor is located between the foot pads so you can simply look down and check the read outs. Some mentioned though that the data is a bit hard to see when you are actually on the In-Motion.

Multi-directional foot pads

The foot pedals can go either forward or backwards enabling you to target different muscles in your legs. This capability then ensures that you can sculpt your body properly by hitting different muscle groups efficiently, which then will lead to your target hourglass body.

Having no handle bars works your midsection more as a stabilizing muscle for the whole body. A trimmed and lean midsection is what most men and women actually aim for, and the In-Motion allows you to have that relatively easy.

Small Footprint

The In-Motion measures 20 x 12 inches which makes it very easy to use pretty anywhere. It can be used in the house, the office, heck even in the park. This kind of portability is something that no normal elliptical trainer can ever match. You can have one in your bedroom in front of the mirror, work out every morning then slip in under the bed after use.

This allows you to have your usual daily routine and will not interfere in any way or form. You can pull it out when you want to use and slip under the bed when you are done.

Weight Capacity

The In-Motion has a 250-lbs weight capacity. This might not sound like a lot for some. However, the capacity of the In-Motion actually is in the right range of weight of people who are actually trying to lose weight. It might be able to handle a lot more but no reviews of such have surfaced yet.

If you’re a bit over the limit, you can still use this by sitting down on the chair and work your legs exclusively. That way, your whole weight is not upon the In-Motion.

  • Great value
  • Portability
  • Strong for its size
  • Limited warranty
  • Hard to read display

Final Thoughts

The Stamina In-Motion is a great equipment to have in its own right. It does not give you the same range of exercise as other elliptical trainers, but it does provide a great workout.

Stamina In-Motion is definitely worth looking into if you want something that you can use to workout anywhere, anytime.


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